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Default Priority

tlianza says:
The default priority appears to be "no" which is cool, except when I set something to "low" priority it jumps *above* the default. So, "low" is considered higher than "no".

Is there a way to change this behavior? I just want a way to push certain tasks up and down in a simple way. I think I could do this if:
1) The default priority was medium, or
2) There was an additional priority that was considered lower than "no"

Posted at 4:43pm on May 8, 2009
ranbarton Power Poster says:
If you decide that priority 3 is your default priority, you could create a smartlist that searched for priority 3 tasks and applied that priority to all new tasks you create while viewing that list.

That would save you a step, I suppose.
Posted 10 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
I do something similar: MilkSync defaults tasks created on my BlackBerry to priority 2, so I have a Smart List set to search for all those and I simply unset their priority.

I only do it when I notice (about every two weeks) and it works for me since I don't really use the priority field (except for some notable exceptions).

So, tlianza, if you want everything to have a priority other than "no", you could do the opposite periodically?
Posted 10 years ago
sevenupcan says:
I agree with tlianza. Perhaps it would be nice to see the RTM team update the way tasks are ordered by demoting a task of priority 3 or low to the bottom of the page.
Posted 10 years ago
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