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Stay in touch with [your colleagues, friends, ...] or: How to manage your own social network

doster says:
The following idea might seem very unemotional, especially since it regards your personal contacts, but for me it really helps staying in touch with people, who are important for me.

I know many people, I'd like to stay in contact with (Friends from High School, Business Partners, ...). But sometimes those contacts slip through your fingers (or phone) and suddenly a year has passed in which you havend talked to your best friend from High School - what a pity!

I have created a list called "Stay in touch with". Everyone who is important for me (doesn't matter whether private or business contacts) receives a task in this list named:
"Stay in touch wich: [Name]"
Every task hat the repeat interval "After 3 Months"

Setting up this list for the first time you'll have to complete all tasks one time or set any due date you feel appropriate.

Now for every person being important for you, you will get a reminder to contact her (call her, write an email or batter a postcard or invite him for a beer ...). If you are in regular contact with that person, just complete that task (it will come back in 3 month). But just in case you will get out of each other's sight one day, RTM makes sure you'll remember him.

After completing a task it will occur again 3 months after completion. This seems a good time-period. If you don't have the time to contact your frind once, you'll be reminded after 3 month again - leaving the time you haven't heared of each other half a year - quite acceptable, but now you rally should write him a nice postcard ;-)

Using this method you'll be able keeping good relationships to many people without worriing to forget someone, who is important for you and without having to look at your social networking communites every day. In addition you have "full control" who you want to have in your list (I know - quite unemotional ... - but this helps focus on people being really important for you).

Don't worry that you will have to write 50 postcards a day! Using repeat "after 3 months" creates a balanced "workload" for socializing over the year (since you do not have to complete all tasks on the given day - just "write as many postcards" (or whatever) you like/can, and leave the rest for the next day and so on. In 3 months the reminder will already been distributed over several days.

Hope one or another of you will find this helpful.

Posted at 4:28pm on April 28, 2009
amoslemi says:
I laughed when I saw this... I have the EXACT same setup. The gtd in us all.....
Posted 10 years ago
doster says:
Ha! - good to know :-)
Posted 10 years ago
tomvanbraeckel says:
Thanks for sharing this !
Posted 10 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
I also laughed, as I have to confess to doing the exact same thing. :) It's a fantastic tip.
Posted 10 years ago
burdejanie says:
Me too - and even though it's planned, it makes me feel more spontaneous at the time, I'm sending a note or making a phone call randomly planned way in advance rather than a quick meaningless "happy birthday" message on their facebook page. These contacts are more personalized and seem more meaningful to me.
Posted 10 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi doster,

Just letting you know that your tip is this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner. We've added a free year of Pro to your RTM account. :)
Posted 10 years ago
doster says:
Thanks, Emily and Bob :-)

And here comes a litte update for "Advanced Staying in touch with..."

Some of the peolple in my Staying-in-touch-with-list workin the same workplace with me. Those all get the tag:myWorkplace. Now klicking the tag myWorkplace in the tag-cloud I instantly get a list of colleagues I could make my next lunch appointment with - just in case there's time for lunch - you know: "Lunch is for loosers" (just kidding :-)
Posted 10 years ago
leah.shalom Power Poster says:
Great idea, thanks for sharing. :-) Is there a way to create multiple tasks at the same time? I know how to use multiple for due dates/tags/repeat etc...
Posted 10 years ago
soundsgood says:
i do the same thing, except i call mine "keep in touch" -- which allows me, for brevity, to use the acronym "KIT: john smith."

as such, if you prefer "stay in touch," the acronym "SIT: john smith" offers a more coincidentally descriptive acronym, especially if you intend to invite the colleague to lunch or coffee. :-)
Posted 10 years ago
(closed account) says:
nice! loved it!
Posted 10 years ago
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