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RTM and Farhad Manjoo’s approach to an empty inbox

tgroehl says:
I am wondering how this could be set up with RTM? How much does it differ from GTD at all in the end?

Here is a summary of his approach:
Another Shot at the Empty Inbox
Posted at 8:09am on April 9, 2009
sevenupcan says:
I don't think it differs much. The terminology is just more suited to that of managing your emails.

If you are interested in the concept of having an emtpty inbox and being able to start from zero everyday - then maybe you should look at automatic next actions?

I developed the idea after reading a little about GTD. I came up with the notion that you shouldn't have to decide what is a next action and what isn't, it should be done for you. Therefore when you add tasks to your inbox they automatically move once you've reviewed them.

The following article may explain it a little better.
Posted 10 years ago
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