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Start to complete task inmediatly from your browser

jose.rojas says:
Hi, i want to share my trick..

I am a daily user of RTM, and the first thing i want to do starting my day is open firefox and review the tasks, based on several smartlists, like "today", "incomplete", "overdue" and others..

But, i don't want to enter to RTM each time i want review my tasks, so i grab the RSS url and use firefox's live bookmarks to a easy and fast access to my tasks, from the browser..

Also, i want a simple view of all my tasks, so using same rss url's, went to netvibes and create a new tab, and started to add new content > new suscription and putting the RSS url of each of my smart lists, have a quick review of my activities..

In review, the url of each feed rss of each task or smart task list, is very useful because the possibilities are infinite.. Even review the lists from your cellphone if have any feed reader, like viigo (

Posted at 11:53am on April 7, 2009
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