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Help with Smart lists...

jstromme says:
Could someone help me with this search...

I'd like it to return all tasks that do not contain the tags groceries, errands, or waiting and/or are on the lists .Rail Jam Video, .TT Pants OR @Grocery Store, or Waiting

Here's what I had:
"NOT (tag: groceries OR tag: errands OR tag: waiting) and not list: (.Rail Jam Video OR .Uncle Seat Pants OR @Grocery Store OR Waiting)"

Thanks so much for any help!

Posted at 3:54am on April 2, 2009
jstromme says:
Posted 9 years ago
sevenupcan says:
I find it easiest to think of smart lists as filters as I'm not good with ANDs and ORs.

You could try...

NOT (list:.Rail OR list:Jam OR list:Video OR list:"@Grocery Store" OR list:Waiting) NOT(tag:groceries OR tag:errands OR tag:waiting)

Does this work?
Posted 9 years ago
zenbug says:
You might have to apply NOT to each tag and connect them with ANDs, thus:

(NOT tag:groceries) AND (NOT tag:errands), etc. Perhaps without the parentheses.
Posted 9 years ago
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