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Task Setup and Use

thewingman says:
There are X (actually 90) tasks. They can be completed on any day. 10 users can complete any available task. In a perfect world, the user signs on, looks at the available tasks and schedules or completes the task. The task list show only available tasks.

How you you recommend I do this?

Posted at 2:11pm on March 29, 2009
schmolle says:
Assuming that each user has a seperate (personal) account:

- Enter the tasks in any one of the 10 user's accounts. Email them there if that is useful for you.
- Move the tasks to a 'hard' (i.e. non-smart) list and/or tag them with a specific tag, identifying them as part of the 90 tasks.
- Assign no due date.
- Share the tasks with the other 9 participants.

A user would:
- Assign a due date, corresponding to planned execution of the task.
- Execute the task or remove the due date.

By asserting that the pool consists of only non-dated tasks, it automatically updates itself, allowing for both taking out (date assigned) and putting back in when plans change.

The 'focus' for every user can be maintained by a smart list:

tag:your-tag-here AND due:never
Posted 9 years ago
thewingman says:
Thanks. Almost perfect! I appreciate the prompt reply.
Posted 9 years ago
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