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Custom Tabs.

supermankelly says:

Just signed up for a look, but first thing that put me off was I can not see a way to great your own tabs, rather than use the ones there? Considering Google map is a big feature of the site it would have at least had a "Travel" tab defaulted ;-)

Also is there an option to view all tasks in some sort of single page report? Like to be able to see everything regardless of when it is due...

Posted at 10:45am on March 25, 2009
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Create lists in Settings/Lists
To see all tasks, search for "" (nothing)
Posted 9 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
What you're looking for is called a Smartlist around here. More can be learned by reading the manual, here:

Also, a few suggestions can be found in yesterday's tip on the RTM blog:
Posted 9 years ago
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