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GTD hack that can be used on Blackberry available?

mike.chung says:
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has been able to tweak RTM so it can be used as a GTD platform without being compromised on a Blackberry.

I know this is a tall order, given that Blackberry's native task program is not GTD friendly, but until RTM develops a Blackberry app, this is what would need in order to use RTM.

Posted at 8:58pm on March 4, 2009
(closed account) says:
There is an RTM app for Blackberry. It's under sync in the RTM settings.
Posted 9 years ago
fsampaio says:
However it's just a sync program, you can't add or view tags, locations, smartlists and a series of other things in the blackberry. We need a native app like the one for iphone. I love the RTM interface on the web, it's so clean and efficient, but now that i have a blackberry i think i'll have to switch to another app to get my things done. :(
Posted 9 years ago
mark.thomsen says:

The mobile interface for RTM. Is it really worth leaving over not having a perfect blackberry sync?
Posted 9 years ago
jose.rojas says:
Mike: You should try BBRTM (google it)

Anyway, i am a GTD fan too and i'm frustrated cuz i can't manage my task in a GTD style in my blackberry..
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
Me too. The RTM app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is absolutely outstanding. However the MilkSync with the Blackberry for GTD converts is no use at all. I use the RTM app on my iPod Touch at home and work (and where-ever I can get a Wi-fi signal) and this works pretty well. It's not real time when I'm out and about, but the syncing seems to work OK when I'm back on a Wifi network.

Although my Blackberry is excellent for email, when my contract ends in 6 months, if RTM haven't improved the Blackberry app. my one's probably going in the bin and I'm buying an iPhone (the RTM app for the iPhone/iPod Touch is that good),

However I would recommend this combination (although not ideal because you have to carry both a Blackberry and iPod most of the time) as it works pretty well.
- Use your Blackberry for email, contacts, etc.
-Make sure you've a contact entry for your RTM email-in address, so that you can pick up tasks easily on the move.
- Buy an iPod Touch and use the RTM application on it. As long as you take your iPod with you, you've always a very portable method of accessing your tasks. If you don't take your iPod with you, you can still capture tasks (via the RTM email-in method) and process them either when next at your computer or at your iPod.

I (maybe somewhat sadly!) generally listen to music on my iPod before going to bed and find it quite relaxing to process and review my tasks using RTM app on my iPod before going to bed. It seems to bring some closure to the day.

Posted 9 years ago
mark.thomsen says:
That BBRTM ain't so bad! Kinda like the ipod app almost. Everybody, check it out!
Posted 9 years ago
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