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add due date in subject line?

headgamer says:
I thought that somehow when you click Add Task and the text entry window popped up there was some syntax such that I could enter the task AND the due date in that one line, like "write report d:friday" or something like that and it would automatically label the task due date for Friday. That doesn't work. Isn't there someway to do that. When you have a lot of tasks to enter quickly, it is a pain to enter the task then go to the right side of the screen and enter the due date. Would be faster if I could quickly enter both at the same time.

I am a newbie by the way so this may have been answered before. Thanks.

Posted at 9:23pm on January 28, 2009
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
In other UI's except for the website this is possible, in the Firefox Gmail add-on for instance. Common request though.
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
yeah, this has been asked time and time again. In fact, you just have to look at the first page on the ideas forum.

I absolutely support this, but maybe we should discuss there?
Posted 9 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Here I go again...

Pardon what must seem repetitive, but when I see the same good ideas surfacing over and over, I am compelled to note the fact.

The idea of parsing the text in the data entry field, and in inbound emails, has been around since RTM was wet behind the ears, and I have watched the idea resurface over and over.

See below for prior threads along these same lines:

Phew. Maybe one day Bob will get around to this.

Posted 9 years ago
del.bigger says:
If you Twitter & Follow RTM (Find People) you can use Twitter; Direct Message; Send RTM a direct message; Text box: Write Report due Friday; Send; Check RTM; Inbox Task; Write Report - should be there and due Fri 30 Jan 09.
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
very true. That is precisely what confuses me of it. If they can already do it in the additions (for example twitter, the ubiquity addon, the farr addon) why not in the main interface?
Posted 9 years ago
dan.browne says:
I would also request this in the main interface. I thought getting tasks added in a fast keyboard-only way is the very essence of GTD.

In the mean time I am using the Quicksilver plugin....
Posted 9 years ago
prashks says:
IMO this is a "show stopper" for RTM. So badly need task entry with properties (if nothing else atleast adding tags) without using the mail interface.

Dan, I'm using the Quicksilver plugin too, but, by any chance are you able to enter some properties while creating a task ?
Posted 9 years ago
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