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Windows Vista sidebar gadget for RTM

ilab says:
I created a Vista sidebar gadget for RTM.

You can install it from

Your feedback is welcome.
Posted at 11:34am on January 16, 2009
caderik says:
I've been looking for something like that!
Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work, I installed it and I get "name: Error number:-2146828218: description: Permission denied..."
It did not look like the widget went through the application authorization process?
Posted 9 years ago
ilab says:
Could you please send me in an email (ilab[at] the log file of the gadget so that I can find out what happened? It is located at c:\Users\[yourOSuser]\AppData\Local\Temp\log_I_Forgot_The_Milk.txt

And you could also write me exactly what you did and what happened before the error.
Posted 9 years ago
ilab says:
Finally you found out that you had Internet Explorer 2008 beta installed. After uninstall, the gadget worked fine.
Posted 9 years ago
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