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new user, multiselect confuses me...

vice69 says:
Im an interface designer and programmer and i like the app but some things confuse me so i thought id share them with you in the hopes of helping improve the product and putting in my 5 cents for the fun of it. Maybe these things exist/make sence, if so please enlighten me and ill stfu.

so I just signed up and added about 20 of my usual weekly goals to the goals list easy enough. But playing around some things seemed confusing to me:

-first off, what is that black > arrow... it seems to jump around randomly, im not sure what its indicating, newest task? most recently fiddled with? i have no idea except that the only way to get it to move is to complete a task and then undo. imho it seems useless, why is it there?

-next whats up with multiselect... i can control click, and select a bunch of items and they all get thier check mark, which is sweet... but then i wanted to set all the tasks to be due sunday.... and i couldnt...why cant i edit common attributes of all the items i had selected? please show me how to do this, this is a deal breaker to me using this app. Im a busy dude, on given week ill have 50+ tasks, i dont have time to visit /baby sit every one of them to type in the date... bulk task update...please!!

-thats my only real beef, on a side note CTRL+click puts big blue box around stuff, which is unessecary as its already highlighting and checking the checkbox, shift click would also be nice.

-also im really into feeling good about accomplishing my it a mental masterbation of sorts, and i found looking at my completed tasks to be less than satisfying. I mean, it like just hijacks the alltasks tab, whats up with that...?

-what would be nice is a new Completed tab... an entire tab dedicated to ME and MY accomplishments... with maybe a date range.... and the items colored (or starred, like in kindergarten when you do somthing good) based on whether it was done ontime, or late.

other than that the program seems to rock, and i hope someone will show me the way to do that bulk edit thing.
Posted at 6:16pm on January 9, 2009
vice69 says:
ok, so i see why the completed tasks just hijack the given tab... thats cool, so i take back that rant although i still think it would be cool to have a more prominent completet/uncompleted toggle switch somewhere
Posted 9 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Just a few links to other things that might flesh out some of the above:

2) You are not alone in your multi-select confusion. You can alter multiple tasks at once, via this:
5) This can be accomplished via a smartlist.

Good luck with RTM. These boards are full of good advice and workarounds for various quirks, so please come back with more questions as you progress.
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
black arrow-most recently selected (note that new tasks are auto-selected when you create them)

the multiedit and smartlist completing have already been answered better than I could.
Posted 9 years ago
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