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RTM and email reminders from banks

crichtma says:
I currently get emails from utilities/banks to remind me to pay my bill. What would be nice is to get these email to tasks in RTM.

I can do something with a Linux box, some python, and procmail. What I was wondering if there was a solution for this I'm missing.
Posted at 4:25am on January 7, 2009
arvid says:
You can have your system automatically forward them to your RTM inbox where tasks will be created for them;
Posted 9 years ago
mehardin says:
Really? And how do you get the utility company or bank to format the message so that RTM will pause it correctly when it is received?

I'd think a better solution would be to use gmail, and the RTM gmail extension. Then you could simply star or label the email message to send it to RTM.
Posted 9 years ago
daniel.merriman says:
I'm not sure where you're getting your email from. If you're using a client, I don't have much of help.

But, for you or others looking into this that use a browser for email, you could use QuickAdd to just highlight the date, and then click on the button in the toolbar.
Posted 9 years ago
jeff.franke says:
You can forward into tasks, and the hyphen after the spaces for the forwarded message become the note. Print out the email formatting tips too. I like sending my bills to the task inbox like you want to do and it works fine.
Posted 9 years ago
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