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Using on your G1

davidbessler says:
So until we G1 users get a native rmilk app, just thought I'd share how I use on my G1.

* Navigate your G1 browser to and follow the links to your most-commonly used lists (smartlists or otherwise)

* Bookmark these lists (menu, bookmarks, new bookmark). Do this for each list.

* Go back to your homescreen.

* Make a folder on your G1 homescreen (press-n-hold, Shortcut, folder)

* Name it rmilk (tap on it once to open it, press and hold the title bar)

* Make shortcuts on your homescreen to all those bookmarked lists (press-n-hold, Shortcut, Bookmark)

* Drag the shortcuts into the rmilk folder (press-n-hold on the shortcut til it vibrates, drag over folder til the icon shows open folder, release)

When I go grocery shopping, I click on the rmilk folder, click on my "groceries" shortcut, and am taken to my groceries list.

I guess you can do the same thing with (mobile site designed for the iphone), but the fact that you can't complete items on it, and the fakakde input boxes make it suck.

There. That's it.
Posted at 10:32am on December 31, 2008
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