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A use for RTM with Chrome (or any browser I suppose)

pat.gallant says:
One thing I like about Chrome is the ability to create application shortcuts. Since I'm a Pro user I navigated to the iPhone-optimized web interface and created an application shortcut to that. I actually prefer the interface to the AJAX-laden regular web interface, so I use the Chrome app shortcut on my desktop and the iPhone native app on my iPod touch. Works well for me, so I thought I'd share...
Posted at 7:56pm on December 19, 2008
amswitzer says:
I find some features of RTM don't work well on Chrome. For example, if you edit a tag, then hit "enter" twice to get out of it, Chrome doesn't recognize it, and I'm surprised that RTM now consider Chrome to be one of the browsers that supports RTM.
Posted 9 years ago
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