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Lifehacker: Customize Remember The Milk with User Styles

(closed account) says:
Great collection of scripts for Firefox users who have Greasemonkey installed, or use use the Stylish extension over at "". The post includes tips and lots of screen graphics to illustrate what the changes are.
Posted at 3:57pm on December 19, 2008
(closed account) says:
Actually, I really think RTM should incorporate many of these. They are real improvements to the interface.

I especially like the script that removes the lists from the Tabbed interface and instead puts them on the left in clickable links that include counts of how many tasks are there. A major improvement!!!! What about it RTM?
Posted 9 years ago
vadim.echim says:
There is such a script for RTM and I'm using it for a while and will never come back to the tabbed interface again. The name of the script is "A Bit Better RTM".
I like also the Long Search script and RTM Custom and I'm using all these three scripts simultaneously.
Posted 9 years ago
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