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Launchy option

rjferret says:
I'm totally new, but have read all sorts of complicated workarounds to get RTM via Launchy that turned me off.

So here's my solution, simply go into Launchy's options and add these to the Weby Plugin:
Name: ToDo
Query: addtask.rtm?t=%s&d=today

Voilà! To use simply type into Launchy: ToDo [tab] taskname
Then press Enter twice, once will bring up a page in your browser, the second will enter it in RTM! (Alternatively you may add details. Then use CTRL-w to close the browser's tab...)

You can obviously change "ToDo" to "RTM" or leave off the "&d=today" if you'd rather not have a due date (I want that so they'll show up in Google calendar on my phone's browser).

If there's a more elegant solution or a way for addtask.rtm to not need the second Enter, please let me know!

Posted at 9:11am on December 16, 2008
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