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Making a weekend smart list (including giant search expression ;-)

raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
A few month ago a poster ( tried to make a weekend smart list, no solution was posted. That topic has closed due to lack of interest, therefore a new thread here.

This method involves a really long search, luckily you only have to add it once (see below). Use this smart list in your weekend smart list, maybe something like:
Weekend: dueBefore:monday AND list:¤W
This will show overdue tasks from previous weekends, but maybe that's OK anyway.

¤W is this smart list (cut and paste):
due:2008-01-05 OR due:2008-01-06 OR due:2008-01-12 OR due:2008-01-13 OR due:2008-01-19 OR due:2008-01-20 OR due:2008-01-26 OR due:2008-01-27 OR due:2008-02-02 OR due:2008-02-03 OR due:2008-02-09 OR due:2008-02-10 OR due:2008-02-16 OR due:2008-02-17 OR due:2008-02-23 OR due:2008-02-24 OR due:2008-03-01 OR due:2008-03-02 OR due:2008-03-08 OR due:2008-03-09 OR due:2008-03-15 OR due:2008-03-16 OR due:2008-03-22 OR due:2008-03-23 OR due:2008-03-29 OR due:2008-03-30 OR due:2008-04-05 OR due:2008-04-06 OR due:2008-04-12 OR due:2008-04-13 OR due:2008-04-19 OR due:2008-04-20 OR due:2008-04-26 OR due:2008-04-27 OR due:2008-05-03 OR due:2008-05-04 OR due:2008-05-10 OR due:2008-05-11 OR due:2008-05-17 OR due:2008-05-18 OR due:2008-05-24 OR due:2008-05-25 OR due:2008-05-31 OR due:2008-06-01 OR due:2008-06-07 OR due:2008-06-08 OR due:2008-06-14 OR due:2008-06-15 OR due:2008-06-21 OR due:2008-06-22 OR due:2008-06-28 OR due:2008-06-29 OR due:2008-07-05 OR due:2008-07-06 OR due:2008-07-12 OR due:2008-07-13 OR due:2008-07-19 OR due:2008-07-20 OR due:2008-07-26 OR due:2008-07-27 OR due:2008-08-02 OR due:2008-08-03 OR due:2008-08-09 OR due:2008-08-10 OR due:2008-08-16 OR due:2008-08-17 OR due:2008-08-23 OR due:2008-08-24 OR due:2008-08-30 OR due:2008-08-31 OR due:2008-09-06 OR due:2008-09-07 OR due:2008-09-13 OR due:2008-09-14 OR due:2008-09-20 OR due:2008-09-21 OR due:2008-09-27 OR due:2008-09-28 OR due:2008-10-04 OR due:2008-10-05 OR due:2008-10-11 OR due:2008-10-12 OR due:2008-10-18 OR due:2008-10-19 OR due:2008-10-25 OR due:2008-10-26 OR due:2008-11-01 OR due:2008-11-02 OR due:2008-11-08 OR due:2008-11-09 OR due:2008-11-15 OR due:2008-11-16 OR due:2008-11-22 OR due:2008-11-23 OR due:2008-11-29 OR due:2008-11-30 OR due:2008-12-06 OR due:2008-12-07 OR due:2008-12-13 OR due:2008-12-14 OR due:2008-12-20 OR due:2008-12-21 OR due:2008-12-27 OR due:2008-12-28 OR due:2009-01-03 OR due:2009-01-04 OR due:2009-01-10 OR due:2009-01-11 OR due:2009-01-17 OR due:2009-01-18 OR due:2009-01-24 OR due:2009-01-25 OR due:2009-01-31 OR due:2009-02-01 OR due:2009-02-07 OR due:2009-02-08 OR due:2009-02-14 OR due:2009-02-15 OR due:2009-02-21 OR due:2009-02-22 OR due:2009-02-28 OR due:2009-03-01 OR due:2009-03-07 OR due:2009-03-08 OR due:2009-03-14 OR due:2009-03-15 OR due:2009-03-21 OR due:2009-03-22 OR due:2009-03-28 OR due:2009-03-29 OR due:2009-04-04 OR due:2009-04-05 OR due:2009-04-11 OR due:2009-04-12 OR due:2009-04-18 OR due:2009-04-19 OR due:2009-04-25 OR due:2009-04-26 OR due:2009-05-02 OR due:2009-05-03 OR due:2009-05-09 OR due:2009-05-10 OR due:2009-05-16 OR due:2009-05-17 OR due:2009-05-23 OR due:2009-05-24 OR due:2009-05-30 OR due:2009-05-31 OR due:2009-06-06 OR due:2009-06-07 OR due:2009-06-13 OR due:2009-06-14 OR due:2009-06-20 OR due:2009-06-21 OR due:2009-06-27 OR due:2009-06-28 OR due:2009-07-04 OR due:2009-07-05 OR due:2009-07-11 OR due:2009-07-12 OR due:2009-07-18 OR due:2009-07-19 OR due:2009-07-25 OR due:2009-07-26 OR due:2009-08-01 OR due:2009-08-02 OR due:2009-08-08 OR due:2009-08-09 OR due:2009-08-15 OR due:2009-08-16 OR due:2009-08-22 OR due:2009-08-23 OR due:2009-08-29 OR due:2009-08-30 OR due:2009-09-05 OR due:2009-09-06 OR due:2009-09-12 OR due:2009-09-13 OR due:2009-09-19 OR due:2009-09-20 OR due:2009-09-26 OR due:2009-09-27 OR due:2009-10-03 OR due:2009-10-04 OR due:2009-10-10 OR due:2009-10-11 OR due:2009-10-17 OR due:2009-10-18 OR due:2009-10-24 OR due:2009-10-25 OR due:2009-10-31 OR due:2009-11-01 OR due:2009-11-07 OR due:2009-11-08 OR due:2009-11-14 OR due:2009-11-15 OR due:2009-11-21 OR due:2009-11-22 OR due:2009-11-28 OR due:2009-11-29 OR due:2009-12-05 OR due:2009-12-06 OR due:2009-12-12 OR due:2009-12-13 OR due:2009-12-19 OR due:2009-12-20 OR due:2009-12-26 OR due:2009-12-27 OR due:2010-01-02 OR due:2010-01-03 OR due:2010-01-09 OR due:2010-01-10 OR due:2010-01-16 OR due:2010-01-17 OR due:2010-01-23 OR due:2010-01-24 OR due:2010-01-30 OR due:2010-01-31 OR due:2010-02-06 OR due:2010-02-07 OR due:2010-02-13 OR due:2010-02-14 OR due:2010-02-20 OR due:2010-02-21 OR due:2010-02-27 OR due:2010-02-28 OR due:2010-03-06 OR due:2010-03-07 OR due:2010-03-13 OR due:2010-03-14 OR due:2010-03-20 OR due:2010-03-21 OR due:2010-03-27 OR due:2010-03-28 OR due:2010-04-03 OR due:2010-04-04 OR due:2010-04-10 OR due:2010-04-11 OR due:2010-04-17 OR due:2010-04-18 OR due:2010-04-24 OR due:2010-04-25 OR due:2010-05-01 OR due:2010-05-02 OR due:2010-05-08 OR due:2010-05-09 OR due:2010-05-15 OR due:2010-05-16 OR due:2010-05-22 OR due:2010-05-23 OR due:2010-05-29 OR due:2010-05-30 OR due:2010-06-05 OR due:2010-06-06 OR due:2010-06-12 OR due:2010-06-13 OR due:2010-06-19 OR due:2010-06-20 OR due:2010-06-26 OR due:2010-06-27 OR due:2010-07-03 OR due:2010-07-04 OR due:2010-07-10 OR due:2010-07-11 OR due:2010-07-17 OR due:2010-07-18 OR due:2010-07-24 OR due:2010-07-25 OR due:2010-07-31 OR due:2010-08-01 OR due:2010-08-07 OR due:2010-08-08 OR due:2010-08-14 OR due:2010-08-15 OR due:2010-08-21 OR due:2010-08-22 OR due:2010-08-28 OR due:2010-08-29 OR due:2010-09-04 OR due:2010-09-05 OR due:2010-09-11 OR due:2010-09-12 OR due:2010-09-18 OR due:2010-09-19 OR due:2010-09-25 OR due:2010-09-26 OR due:2010-10-02 OR due:2010-10-03 OR due:2010-10-09 OR due:2010-10-10 OR due:2010-10-16 OR due:2010-10-17 OR due:2010-10-23 OR due:2010-10-24 OR due:2010-10-30 OR due:2010-10-31 OR due:2010-11-06 OR due:2010-11-07 OR due:2010-11-13 OR due:2010-11-14 OR due:2010-11-20 OR due:2010-11-21 OR due:2010-11-27 OR due:2010-11-28 OR due:2010-12-04 OR due:2010-12-05 OR due:2010-12-11 OR due:2010-12-12 OR due:2010-12-18 OR due:2010-12-19 OR due:2010-12-25 OR due:2010-12-26
(It actually works, quickly too ;-)
Posted at 4:18pm on December 5, 2008
ranbarton Power Poster says:
That thud you just heard? Bob T. Monkey fainting at the sight of that search string!
Posted 9 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Ha, that's one awesome search expression (Bob is shocked).
Posted 9 years ago
russ.goerend says:
I just tag things "weekend" then have a smart list for that tag.
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
I came upon this thread because I'm looking for a way to search for tasks due on the weekend.

@rajjan, you've done an amazing job at constructing that search expression! However, I feel this should be built into RTM searches automatically. RTM is so smart, and so powerful. Why can it not recognise "weekend" as a searchable expression?

I want to find all tasks due on "a Sat" or "a Sun" not "this Sat" or "this Sun".

@emily, any chance of having this included? Or is there a more simple search that I can apply which is dynamic (doesn't need reprogramming every couple of years)?
Posted 7 years ago
jranaudo says:
2nd this....
Posted 6 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Check this thread for a solution to this problem by zkestenbaum:

It only works on the website and you have to make a bookmarklet (once) but then you have a weekend smart list (without the giant search above).
Posted 5 years ago
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