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GTD Smart lists on Blackberry

omairsarwar says:
I currently use RTM for my GTD implementation.
Use smart lists for my contexts.

I really like the concept of having that sync with my BB but when it does I don't see any of my smart lists.

The categories in BB are the actual lists in RTM which screws up my whole system...

Am I missing something or has anyone found a workaround
Posted at 7:43pm on November 6, 2008
sigajo says:
I have just tried setting up RTM for Blackberry using GTD principles and discovered exactly the same problem.

The problem is that a "hard" list (a list which is not a smartlist) name maps to a category in BB tasks, but smartlists do not. I started the same way as you, using tags and smartlists for the GTD contexts but it didn't work. So now I have to use hard lists for each context and tags only for projects. I may use the priority field to indicate next actions.

My reasoning is that when looking at my BB the context, @calls, @errands etc is the primary focus. Reviewing by project (tag and smartlist) will have to be done at a computer.

Perhaps the best solution would be a proper RTM app for the BB, instead of struggling with the few fields available in BB tasks.
Posted 9 years ago
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