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iPhone Sync with Todo

barnesms says:
I have been using RTM on the iPhone for a while, and they have a nicely formatted iPhone version which works quite well.

If you want an iPhone app that also syncs well with RTM, you may want to take a look at and their Todo app. It provides an alternate RTM task view and provides a sync option to keep RTM and Todo well coordinated.
Posted at 12:53pm on August 25, 2008
ian.tromp says:
So this enables you to take your RTM tasks offline? Sounds like heaven...
Posted 9 years ago
jplumey says:
Safari for Mac just released an update that supports Google Gears. Perhaps they will incorporate this into the iPhone browser and RTM can enable Gears for the iPhone app? That would be the shizzle.
Posted 9 years ago
hhollick says:
I just started using Appigo to sync RTM with my iPhone and it is, indeed, heavenly. First, among many uses, my partner and I use a few shared RTM lists to keep track of shopping lists. To my dismay I was deep inside a grocery store this week and found that I had "No Service" on my phone. I came home and bought Appigo. Now I have fast, offline access to all my tasks.

Second, the layout for creating and editing tasks in Appigo is very efficient. All the key fields are easily accessed from the main task screen. And by editing my defaults I can create a task with very few clicks.

Finally, Appigo only syncs when I tell it to. This means that Appigo respects the precious power reserves of the iPhone and does not waste power maintaining a constant connection.

As far as iPhone apps go Appigo is one of the more expensive ($9.99 - although still a bargain in any book). However, the slick, fast access to my tasks on and offline is worth every penny.

A happy, organized customer. :)
Posted 9 years ago
jrothlis says:
Thanks for the review Heather! Quick question, does it handle smart lists? Thanks!!
Posted 9 years ago says:
No. I am using Appigo now and sadly it does not.
Posted 9 years ago
ian.tromp says:
Let's make that 'it doesn't ... yet.' I think they are working on this.

I've been using Todo for a week now, and it's great. I love the simplicity of it, and though the RTM iPhone/iPod Touch interface is beautiful, I definitely prefer using Todo. And having recently made a really bad mistake and deleted all my tasks (thank goodness and Emily recovered now!), I love the security of having an offline copy of my tasks.

I recommend Todo very highly!
Posted 9 years ago
tozzo says:
I can strongly recommend Todo as well (probably until RTM releases their own native app). Following the thread on the support group of Appigo the smart list functionality is on their radar. Unfortunately no further release details or due dates:
Posted 9 years ago
cow6oy says:
I find Todo a bit to busy -- I do prefer the web version of RTM which is much cleaner ...
Posted 9 years ago
ixmorrison says:
I thought when I got my iPhone I could leave my Blackberry at home but 'fraid not. The RTM/Blackberry Tasks integration is a proper sync which letts you up date and add to-dos in two shakes.

Pretty as it is, RTM for iPhone is really just a Web portal, not proper sync, so much slower. Appligo does look more promising though. I'm trying it out..... it doesn't seem to have a Search function though?

Its a back handed tribute to RTM that I'm making hardware decisions based on needing to have RTM available... I've tried lots of SAAS type products and this is the only one I've made part of my day. Thanks!

PS In case you all didn't know, RTM works offline with Google Gears, by the way.
Posted 9 years ago
ixmorrison says:
Brought the cow back
Started off very well with Appigo and ditched the bovine on my Iphone home page.
However had to drag her back quick when I discovered this Appigo upstart doen't have a search function, essential for a task list as long as both my arms.
Also its delete mechanisms are a wee bit trigger happy.
Posted 9 years ago
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