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RTM2Outlook: One-way-sync for your enjoyment.

rtm2outlook says:
Since no one else seemed to be interested in doing so, and since it was raining all day long, I wrote a tiny app to do a one-way-sync from RTM to Outlook.

What it does:
- Grabs the iCalendar file from RTM
- Creates/Updates the corresponding tasks in outlook. So far it only syncs start-date, due-date, comments, status and the subject of course. And it puts the tags into the category-field in Outlook.

Useful for:
- If you want a copy of your to-do list in outlook while administrating it on RTM
- Syncing with phones

What it won’t do:
- Update the RTM-List in any way
- Transfer Categories, since those are not in the iCalendar file
- It won’t store the password encrypted, so if you are worried about that, don’t use it.

License: Open source. GPL. If you like it, drop me a mail. Any further development depends on the amount of mails I get. Feel free mail me with wish lists and suggestions too, and if you manage to convince me that they are good, I’ll put them in. My mail address is: rtm2outlook at

It definitely won’t become a 2-way sync tool though, since that would require quite a few weeks of work, and I really don’t have time for that.

Disclaimer: I wrote the entire thing today, and it’s the very first version, so it’s probably buggy as hell, although it works fine for me. You’ve been warned. I’ve only tested it with Outlook 2007, so there is a certain chance that it won’t work with older versions. I'm in no way associated with RTM, except that I like their product and use it.

How to install:
Start the .exe

How to use:
- Select an Outlook folder to sync with. It’s probably best to create a new one first for testing to avoid any mishaps with your old tasks

- Get the URL from RTM – Settings – Info. The one that says: “iCalendar Service (All Lists)”. Do not use the Events-one, since that one won’t work.

- Enter username and password. (At this point you could check the source code to see that the program won’t do strange things with your password, but I’ll leave that up to you)

- Click “Sync”
Enjoy. (Or curse horribly because it didn’t work. In this case you
could either delete it or write me a mail telling me what went wrong, and then I'll probably fix it)

Btw: I’d like to thank the creators of the DDay.iCal-Library, because they created a really neat library.

Posted at 5:54pm on August 15, 2008
frank.karg says:
Great stuff.

However I can't run the exe file. I am using Outlook 2003 and XP SP1.

I get the error "WindowsFormsApplication1 has encountered a problem and needs to close."
Posted 9 years ago
rtm2outlook says:
Ah. I should have mentioned that it is written in C# and needs .NET framework 3.5. If you are running XP SP 1, you probably don't that installed?
Unfortunately there is short of rewriting the entire app to make it work without the .NET framework.
Posted 9 years ago
ekalter says:
I get the same error as Frank and I am running .NET framework 3.5 under XP with SP2 and all updates. Any thoughts?
Posted 9 years ago
rtm2outlook says:
Are you using Outlook 2007 or 2003?
Posted 9 years ago
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