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Blackberry & RTM Trouble - Dunno?!

(closed account) says:
Am I suppose to be able to enter data into RTM on my phone as I would with To Do Matrix, or do I have to go to RTM and log in?

If I'm suppose to go to RTM this isn't practical for me.

I downloaded everything correctly but when I click on the RTM icon on my applications and choose menu, all I have available are synch, account, about, and options. Nothing takes me to an application where I can enter data.

Am I totally confused or what?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted at 3:43pm on July 20, 2008
picoben says:
Here is the description of the app and what it does:

"MilkSync for BlackBerryPro

"Synchronize your Remember The Milk tasks with the built-in Tasks application on your BlackBerry."

The key phrase in response to your question is "with the built-in Tasks application on your BlackBerry." In other words, you use the Task application that came with your BlackBerry to enter, view and complete your tasks. The MilkSynch app simply controls the synching (you supply username and password for RtM and choose the method for synching - manual, etc).

Good luck
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
Hi Faulcon
I had the same problem, I agree it's not very intuitive

All the RTM icon on the BB does is perform the sync...... between **blackberry tasks** and **online RTM**.

You can enter tasks into either and it will show up in the other. Works great , I use it all de time : )
Posted 9 years ago
tim.roy says:
I am trying out this out and find that since I used projects as lists and contexts as tags, I am only getting the projects and the tasks brought over in the sync. Is there a way to get tag info over as well via sync or do I need to "invert" my system by using the contexts as lists and the projects as tags?
Posted 9 years ago
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