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Combine RTM with a simple mobile phone (no smartphone or blackberry here!)

jaedi says:
Most mobiles have a sound recorder these days. Whenever I think of a new task I need to do and I am not near a computer, I simply record myself dictating the task on the phone. It's much quicker and easier than entering in a note or saving a draft SMS.

I spend a few minutes every week at home or in work entering the new tasks in to RTM from my recorded audio files on my mobile. Note - no voice recognition here either - it's very quick to type in a few words in RTM.

For errands, I have a specific smart list. I select the print function, copy the text and paste it to a text file. I then transfer the text file to my mobile - and presto! I have all my errand tasks available to me on my mobile with an investment of a grand total of two minutes of my time.

I'm a great fan of RTM, but I hate tech overkill. Ok, this isn't a replacement for a proper sync feature, but it works just fine for me. Incidentally, if I get a smartphone someday, I'll probably use the sync feature, but this technique is fine for now. If anyone has more ideas along these lines, please post them here...
Posted at 11:01am on June 14, 2008
tutunkommon says:

Works like your voice recorder, except it is a call to a toll free number. It transcribes for you and can either send it as an email, or automatically enter it into RTM for you.

Works very well!

Posted 9 years ago
jaedi says:
Thanks for the tip. lee.butler also made a post about last week.

I'd like to try it out, however, Jott's service is limited to the US and Canada so it's not available to me.
Posted 9 years ago
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