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goal statement in lists

babouyes says:

acordig to GTD, i have read in this posting:
that there is the posibility to set a project's goal by writing the goal in this format: ".. goal of the statement". RTM should leave this goal statement on the top of the list, but for me it doesn't work. Is there another posibility to set a project's goal in a list, that is allways visible and easy to recognize?

thankx a lot!

Posted at 6:53am on June 8, 2008
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
If you mean at the top of a regular list you could add a priority to the goal statement task and then sort by priority. Or you could add a "_" in front of the goal task and sort by name. The same would go for smart lists too.
Posted 9 years ago
dougireton says:
I use ".. " as a prefix for my goal statement, then I sort my Lists by Name so the "Goal Statement" is always at the top of the list.
Posted 9 years ago
babouyes says:
Hi, i allready tried to sort the tasks by name, and it just don't work (not for lists, not for smart lists). I don't happens anything when i sort by name, and the tast with "_" or ".." at the front is not the first one.... maybe some bug? thank you very much!!!

Posted 9 years ago
organizedfellow says:
Please make certain that the very first character in your task title is the '...' or '_'.
Make sure there is no space first.

After that, if they still do not list properly, please let us know what is your computer operating system and which browser you are using.
Posted 9 years ago
aerialsoul says:
I had this same question after trying to get this to work today. Part of my issue is that I'm trying to set Due Dates on some tasks in addition to using a 'na' tag.

So if I set the Goal Statement Due Date with a very early date, then the Goal Statement shows up in some of my SmartLists.

I'm thinking of adding a 'goal' tag to the goal statements and using the Smart Lists to ignore the Goal tags for the lists I work from. thoughts?
Posted 9 years ago
paul.stork says:
Here is what I found.
1. Preface with "..."
2. Set Priority to 1.
3. Put a Due Date in the Past, Say Jan 1 2008.

Now, no matter how you sort, it trickles to the top.

I also tag it with "goal" so that I can search or filter out my goals using smart lists.
Posted 9 years ago
dougireton says:
If your Smart Lists only show tasks tagged with "na", then Goal Statements shouldn't show up on your Smart Lists, only on your Project Lists. In other words, don't tag your Goal Statements with "na".
Posted 9 years ago
babouyes says:
Hello organizedfellow,

1) made a task with the title "_ test"
2) sort by name

=> the task "_ test" is not the first.... it just doesn't work.
i'm using WinXP+Firefox and at home i use Leopard+Firefox

thankx for the help.

note: the workarround with the priority and a past date is not very cool if you really uses the colors of the priorities to get a quick overview...
Posted 9 years ago
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