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Milk the Cow (another RTM Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X)

hongrich says:

So I decided to make my own Dashboard Widget for RTM and I have been working on it for the past week. I'm now releasing version 0.1 of Milk the Cow. You can get it from its google code page, Milk the Cow.

It still needs a lot of work and I especially need more people to test it. So if you find any bugs, please report it on the google code issues page. Also, let me hear about any feature request, I'll probably include it.

Posted at 4:32am on May 21, 2008

kaj7979 says:

What I would like is to be able to post to certain lists instead of everything going into the inbox

Posted 7 years ago

esantos says:

Just downloaded your latest version.
Seems to work fine...

Any other experience with this widget?

Posted 6 years ago

nohlberg says:

Sadly, the widget does not work when trying to add words with extended Swedish characters (ÅÄÖ). It simply does not att those, but it displays them when they are added through other channels. Would be great if it could accept those characters! :-)

Posted 6 years ago

hongrich says:

Both of the above issues (unicode and adding to a different list) has been resolved in version 0.4 of milk the cow. Download it here:

Please report any bugs you find to either the project page or email to hong.rich@gmail.com. Feedback is very much appreciated.

Posted 6 years ago

muiterz Pro says:

Hi, great work! I really like the daskboard widget, but I have a autorisation problem, when restarting my hackintosh. Do you have a solution?

Posted 2 years ago

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