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Adjustments to RTM/GMail Plugin

joe_dicastro says:
I'm def. diggin' the RTM/Gmail plugin, but I was wondering if it was possible to customize it a little more? Specifically, while my tasks do have a due-date component to them, my biggest issue has to do with managing tasks for a number of different groups at one time, so instead of having the list sorted by due date, I'd love it if we could choose a sorting structure, such as list or tags, where the individual tasks could be enfolded under the individual headings, and then get sorted by due date. Does that make sense? I know I can switch lists, and maybe i'm just being lazy, but I'd love it if it could be displayed with multiple sets of lists or tags at a time.

Any other thoughts on this?

Posted at 6:15pm on May 1, 2008
derek.conjar says:
It would be cool if we could edit priorities from the RTM/Gmail plugin. I'm just overjoyed that it works with GTDinbox again.

Also, I'd like to be able to add tasks to smart-lists while in Gmail. For instance, if I add a task while I'm in "next actions," I have to go back to the inbox to tag it as a next action.
Posted 9 years ago
denisbaranov says:

It is possible to edit priorities from the plugin. All one needs to do is to roll over the task and wait for the pop-up to appear. Then slide the mouse over to the priority marker in the pop-up, click it and select the necessary priority.
Posted 9 years ago
foxcole says:
I would like to be able to import contacts from my Gmail contacts list... in the Gmail contacts view, I'd mark groups or individual contacts and click a button in the RTM pane in Gmail to import the group label if any, names, and addresses. (These would be people whom I would then invite to RTM or who are already members, but in any case need to participate in tasks.)
Posted 9 years ago
cdrynan says:
For each email "starred" in gmail, I would love the ability to automatically set a tag in the corresponding task (In my case, the context "@email") AND set the URL link field so you can easily navigate back to the email from the task. Is this possible?
Posted 9 years ago
tutunkommon says:

I am new to RTM, so it may have been changed since you posted, but:

In the gmail plugin, the line that says "Set Task View Here", there is a pull down arrow on the right. Pull it down, and you can set lists, tags, etc. to fiter your view. I use a smart list that pulls everything tagged NA (Next Action) out of each of the other lists, and that is what I see on my gmail (and mobile phone, and using the RSS feed, to my rePocketMod)!

Posted 9 years ago
steve.bragg says:
I'm with cdrynan. Both automatically setting a tag and setting the URL link field would be great!
Posted 9 years ago
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