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Migrating from Toodledo

profbisson says:
Any suggestions on how I can migrate all of my data from Toodledo to RTM?

I was able to use the import email address but it is not very effective in recognizing the due dates in RTM.

Posted at 12:36am on April 10, 2008
ranbarton Power Poster says:
The only bulk import method that RTM accepts relies on the list import email address. This permits adding many tasks via 1 email, but no metadata with any of the tasks.

Ideally, you'd be able to take the Toodledo iCal file, parse it and generate one annotated task in RTM via email addition. This would require scripting of some sort, and is beyond me, alas.
Posted 10 years ago
aaronhh says:
You would think that helping people to import tasks from competing GTD applications would be an RTM priority.
Posted 10 years ago
ann13820 says:
Still nothing, huh? Now that that I can use RTM with my iPod touch OFFLINE!! (YAY), I want to dump toodledo , which is so inelegant in comparison. I doing the 15 day trial of the iPod app and trying to decide if it's worth the effort to move everything.... probably, but what a pain.
Posted 9 years ago
davidscottweaver says:
I just did the switch myself... I just had Toodledo open in one browser tab, RTM in another and copy pasted. I only had 110 tasks to enter that way (seems like a lot but I know power users have many more). I tell you though, I got really good at RTM's keyboard shortcuts!
Posted 9 years ago
nguyenw says:
I'm not sure if you guys found a way. I think the only way for bulk import is through email (import a list) - you would just have to make a new list in RTM:

Scroll down to the "How to import a list via email" section.
Posted 7 years ago
(closed account) says:
I would also use a bulk import feature to migrate.
Posted 6 years ago
(closed account) says:
OK, I just spent a long time migrating all my stuff from ToodleDo. Doing it manually was not that bad. First, great chance to do some housekeeping of task cruft. Second, I learned the task entry short hand very quickly which made doing this easy.
Posted 6 years ago
flyingokie says:
Makes no sense to me that they develop such a great site and mobile app, but make it so hard for anyone to migrate to their service.
Posted 2 years ago
xtoq says:
There is a 3rd party bulk importer that is very reliable.

I agree though, a better way to bulk import would be great.
Posted 2 years ago
jbkendrick says:
I agree that this should be available, but I did it manually and am glad it wasn't. As another poster pointed out, this forced me to look at all of my tasks and do some housecleaning. In addition, I learned how to use RTM data entry shortcuts much faster than I otherwise would have. J
Posted 2 years ago
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