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Interface facelift using Firefox and Stylish

ubs says:
I use RTM for quite a while and it's my service of choice for tasklists, but I decided to make some minor changes, fixing some interface shortcomings via Stylish, a Firefox extension (you can get Stylish here:

I collected my fixes into a single file and shared it for other people in case somebody else finds it useful. What's in the pack:

- Main text size is bigger to make the list more readable and changed from verdana to arial.
- Tags are now on their own line. This makes quick eye-scanning of tasklist easier (everything is vertically lined up evenly).
- Checkboxes are aligned to the top of the rows, so that you don't have to hunt them somewhere in the middle of the row when your tasks take several lines (happens often with larger fonts).
- Pretty cow mascot is gone to save space (sorry).

Check out the style fix (with screenshots) here:

Hopefully, when guys at RTM add priority style classes not only to cells, but to rows as well, I'll be able to change font sizes based on priority/due-date. More fun with task visualization!

Please, send your feedback if you find it useful. Or if you don't.
Posted at 2:59pm on April 9, 2008
aaronhh says:
Works Great! Thank you very much! :-D :-D :-D
Posted 10 years ago
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