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Have RTM in your windows taskbar - open with one click!

ryan.behrman says:
For a few years now I've been using a freeware product called Bubbles and with this product you can have browser windows open up from your taskbar with one click so this is very useful for quickly adding tasks etc. in RTM. Bubbles only works with IE but this is fine because I use Firefox for all other sites but only use Bubbles for RTM, Gmail, etc..

Hope this helps!
Posted at 5:30pm on April 6, 2008
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Sounds like Prism for Firefox, gives you easy access to RTM.
Posted 10 years ago
johnwin says:

Yes it does. I'm using FF3b5 with the prism plugin. Works fine
Posted 10 years ago
jgallen23 says:
@johnwin - are you using the latest version of prism? for me 0.9 crashes when using RTM
Posted 10 years ago
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