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Multi-day task list.

mogan.shieh says:
Would be cool to be able to display the tasks as if they were on a calendar date range, say for example 3 days wide where each column is a day, and the tasks due that day are listed below.

Today | Tomorrow | Day After
Task 1 | Task 2 | Task 5
Task 3 | Task 6 |
Task 4 | Task 7 |
Posted at 2:20pm on March 26, 2008
mogan.shieh says:
Oops sorry, wrong forum ...
Will repost correctly.
Posted 10 years ago
marcko1 says:
Good idea, though.
I'd like to see tasks with no due date show on my Google Calendar and, if not completed, automatically move to the next day.
Hey. now we have two in the wrong Forum.
Posted 10 years ago
cspaeh says:
Easy, just allow us to use the word today in the "due" field, which the RTM system automatically updates to todays date every morning. That should be possible to implement, what do you guys with programming expertise think??
Posted 10 years ago
landon.springer says:

The word "today" translates to an actual, absolute day once the server interprets it. That functionality is probably what you would really want 99% of the time... You usually wouldn't want it to be some sort of "wildcard" that is interpreted by the server every time the task is referenced.


If the task doesn't have a due date, where would it show up in Google Calendar? :P Have you tried the Gmail plugin? You might experiment with the difference between repeat "every day" vs repeat "after 1 day"...

Posted 10 years ago
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