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self-killing tasks

wakela says:
I have tasks that recur on a daily schedule, but missing a day doesn't mean that I have to do it twice. Can I have a task just expire if I don't do it?

For example: Doing the Dishes is a daily recurring task. But if I don't do the dishes today it doesn't mean that I need to do them twice tomorrow. And if I go out of town, I don't need to have a week's worth of "do the dishes" gumming up my list when I get back. So the task should just expire at midnight.

Any ideas?
Posted at 5:45am on March 22, 2008
jemerick says:
You could leverage the API for this.

A fairly simple script could go through all of your un-completed tasks and complete the tasks that you want completed every night if you do not complete them.
Posted 10 years ago
john.lyman says:
Have the task repeat *after* one day instead of *every* one day.
Posted 10 years ago
johnwin says:
@john.lyman Wow! What a useful tip. I never figured the distinction between the two before. Thanks.
Posted 10 years ago
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