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Notes and thunderbird tasks

micheal.wu says:
I'm working on a thunderbird extension for RtM and have a question. (sorry to the RtM team if this is the wrong place for this, it seemed the most appropriate)

Task notes are supported with multiple note entities (more than one note), which seem to serve as the tasks description, correct?

Thunderbird tasks/todo items only support a single description feed, so what would ppl rather see:

All notes aggregated into one big description?
(when saving, you may end up with one single note in RtM web interface)

Use some criteria to parse the tbird description into multiple notes (data/time issues may come up).

Other suggestions?
Posted at 7:00am on March 16, 2008
micheal.wu says:
just one more note (see what I did there?), thanks for the feedback :)
Posted 10 years ago
red_five says:
Well, I would vote for one single description. RtM already parses incoming emails to split the notes up, by using --- at the beginning of each note. The next line of text is the note title, then everything after that is note text. Any line containing another --- becomes the beginning of a new note.

It seems like there would have to be a little work in collusion with the RtM folks to keep this functionality there in any TB integration, but it seems the easiest to me because it's already there for email.
Posted 10 years ago
micheal.wu says:
Oh I did not know about that functionality red_five, thanks!
You're right thats definitely an easy way to add notes.

One issue I see is deleting them.. each note in rtm has a unique ID so storing those (in order to allow deletion) is going require a bit of creativity...

But thanks! I'll definitly use that idea.
Posted 10 years ago
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