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Unsharing lists/tasks not an option?

brandy.j.roberts says:
"The reason for this is that your contact may have added or changed some of the tasks, and 'unsharing' the list would mean that they would lose the changes they made."

I'm setting up joint task lists for a 3 person office. No changes have been made. Any tips or tricks on how to do a work around. Can I delete a user and re-set up?
Posted at 2:29am on February 12, 2008
mechanic says:
You can delete a list and create a new one with a different name? I had to do this because I couldn't unshare a personal list.

Actually sharing sucks on RTM, if there are two people trying to set up sharing at the same time it seems to be a complete muddle!
Posted 8 years ago
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