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Delayed recurring events

klamano says:
I have the following situation:
I am obliged to get a technical inspection of my car every 2 years. Unfortunately I should have done this in last October.
It is not defined which exact day this should have been done, any October day is fine under this perspective.

So I created a recurring task dated at Oct 1st 2007 and recurrence every 2 years. Note that the recurrence scheme stays the same whenever I get the inspection in the real world.

Now is January 2008, the task is overdue and is correctly shown as such . Now I want to plan the inspection itself, lets say I want to do it one week from now. If I postpone the event, the scheduling for the next occurence starts from there, which would be wrong because the next inspection is due 2 years from last october.

So I duplicate the Event and schedule the copy at one week from now and without recurrence. The original recurring event can be marked as done and will be automatically scheduled at Oct 2009.

This is my way to handle events which are coarsely scheduled.
Posted at 8:52am on January 25, 2008
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