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Screencast: Yet another set of GTD conventions

rmm5t says:
I'm a newcomer to RTM. I started a few days ago, and I decided to cold-turkey switch from GTDInbox for various reasons. I put together a screencast to help some friends get started with RTM. Like many, I too am influenced by Getting Things Done. I figured my screencast might benefit others as well, so here it is:

(Note, I have since refined the <30d smart list definition after recording this.)

I'm sure I'll continue to refine and add more smart lists as I become more familiar with RTM, but here are my current smart list definitions.


not(tag:-someday) (due:never or dueBefore:"30 days")

not(tag:-someday) (dueAfter:"30 days")


tag:@computer list:<30d

tag:@home list:<30d

tag:@out list:<30d


Comments and constructive criticism welcome.
Posted at 2:32am on January 2, 2008
rmm5t says:
Heh, I just realized a flaw in my date logic. The "<30d" list should really find everything before 31 days to avoid hiding tasks that are exactly 30 days away:

not(tag:-someday) (due:never or dueBefore:"31 days")
Posted 11 years ago
thorrrr says:
Hi not sure how you are covering every area! Do you have a MSN or Yahoo address if so email me at
Posted 11 years ago
scott.elias says:
This is wonderful. I sometimes get a little overwhelmed reading through people's "this is how I use RTM" posts, but this was crystal clear. A testament to the power of simple screencasts!
Posted 11 years ago
n5csu says:
Great screencast and very helpful. I just changed my system to these conventions, tweaked to <10 days, <30 days, 30 or more, and someday. Thanks for sharing!
- Rich
Posted 11 years ago
bzpilman says:
That's a really cool thing to do, nice screencast!

For your symbols/prefixes of tags are very similar to mine, you might want to check this thread out.
Posted 11 years ago
poeminlash says:
Great trick. I like the way you use the smartlist. I also create several regular lists: actions, projects, non-actions and checklists. I use priority to color tasks and to differentiate the active actions and projects (those being assigned with actions) and the inactive actions (waitingfor ones) and inactive projects (maybe-someday ones). Then I create "calendar" and "next" smartlists to take advantage of the GTD structure.
Posted 11 years ago
taltos1 says:
Thank you very much. This is a great mini-tutorial on how to set up a GTD system in RTM.

Posted 11 years ago
derek.conjar says:
This is the simplest and easiest-to-follow concept I've found for using RTM for GTD. The only constructive criticism that I have is that the system relies on due dates instead of actions, next actions, and waiting-on's, which seems a little contrary to GTD.
Posted 10 years ago
maseratij says:
Shouldn't this layout be on top every week? It really looks simple to me and natural for the smart search strength's. Add this with one of those crazy cloud hacks and boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'r getting things done
Posted 10 years ago
rmm5t says:
I just realized my original link to this screencast went dead a while ago. I just republished the screencast here:
Posted 8 years ago
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