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Bulk task upload from Outlook

fireweed says:
I have a large number of tasks in Outlook (on three different machines). All of these are arranged using the same structure based on Outlook Categories. I want to abandon Outlook for task management and move all to RTM. Is there a quick 'one off'' way of importing this material which maps Outlook Categories into RTM Lists ?
Posted at 7:18am on December 30, 2007
jeffn says:
I'm not at all sure about whether or not this would actually work, but what I would do in this situation would be to look into creating an outlook macro that goes through all of your outlook tasks and, for each one, creates a new email message and emails your tasks to RTM. Outlook uses a subset of visual basic for its macros. This *should* be possible, but i'm not sure how long it would take to put the macro together.

I've found some good code examples at this website in the past:
Posted 10 years ago
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