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(Not so obsolete) iPhone tip

jjeudymd says:
Thanks again to the crew for the new iPhone/iTouch optimized portal!

One little trick I use which is still useful is to have a quick "form" in the notes application. You can send any note as an email without changing the original form. So I have a simple note:

(make sure you leave a space after each label!)

I click to send this note to the email application, fill out the relevant fields and mail off to my RTM inbox.
Works great when I want to jot something quickly and may not have internet coverage.

Also helpful is using the "import" email address where you can send a list of multiple tasks to your inbox. I use the Notes for my quick freeform ideas. I'll make a note and keep adding items to the list over the course of the day. As I leave the office I simply email the list off to my inbox for sorting later.

*Developers have in the works the possibility for off line access in Safari similar to Google Gears. Then the optimized portal would really shine!
Posted at 10:48pm on November 3, 2007
khera says:
That's a great tip. Thanks!
Posted 10 years ago
one111one1one11 says:
F__king brilliant! Amazingly good!
Posted 10 years ago
csesget says:
Yes indeed. Thanks!
Posted 10 years ago
lightstorm says:
The T: tag doesn't work for me. Has this changed? I was testing this using Things for Mac (and also OmniFocus), but I had to put the task name in the subject line to get this to work.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Posted 10 years ago
ondrej.rudolf says:
This is a great idea. I was just looking around for this - being a fresh iPhone owner and discovering it DOES NOT work with tasks at all, RTM's app is the perfect solution. With your pre-defined-notes tip, there is hardly a better way to manage tasks:)
Posted 10 years ago
ondrej.rudolf says:
Just to add - if you check the formatting page in help section, there is the possibility to add (multiple) task notes, so you really can give yourself full info.
The T: works but you probably don't need it - the note's first line becomes the Subject of the email and so it becomes the Task name automatically when received in you RTM inbox.

Shame iPhone does not support anything like "pattern" note or anything predefined. This re-writing can cause mess one day.

I usually use RTM for to forward email to make it a task. For most emails I receive are tasks anyway...
Posted 10 years ago
geochemist says:
This seems to be a super idea, but it does not work out for me. I use the same labels in the same order (task name in subject line) as shown above. However, the message/task just goes to my Inbox and does not pick up the associated tags, date, list etc. and find its way to appropriate list.

Am I wrong to expect the message to be assigned to the associated list specified after L: ?
Posted 10 years ago
jayson says:
Ok, I'm thick.
I love this idea, but when I make a new note in the iPhone notes application, it keeps everything I've written. Not a template, but the actual note with all the content. So, how do I make a "form?"
Posted 10 years ago
netdiiver says:
The trick is to "mail" it first, then you fill in the blanks in the actual email... leaving the original note untouched.

This is a great idea BTW. thanks jj!
Posted 10 years ago
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