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WM5 Text Messaging

adrian.abeyta says:
I thought I'd like to share my experience using RTM on a Motorola Q with Sprint. I first tried to use e-mails to add new tasks with my Q, but it's bothersome to have to press Send/Receive every time I want an e-mail to be sent, and it drains battery life to connect and login. So, I really liked the idea of using text messages to add tasks.

I added my RTM inbox to my contacts, and sent my first text. However, the task showed up as "Unnamed" with the notes section holding all my tags (P: 1 etc.). I eventually figured out through the Sprint website that when you have a contact with a name attached to it (mine was called "Remember the Milk"), it counts towards the text message's character count. So obviously, RTM got confused with the text since the contact name is included with the text body.

I then tried to remove the contact name from the existing entry, but WM5 stubbornly kept the display name attached. So, I created a brand new contact, and ONLY entered my RTM inbox address. That did the trick!

To help me even further, I created a text message template (called "My Text" in WM5), that looks like: "T: P: L: D: O: E: R: S: U:", with the tags I use most often towards the beginning. Now I just send off a text and up it pops in RTM online :)

On a side note: I also upgraded my RTM account to sync my tasks with WM5's built-in task list, but chose to only sync to my Q, since bi-sync created duplicate entries online. Before I end, I wanted to say thanks to the RTM developers for making my life that much more organized :D
Posted at 6:15pm on October 29, 2007
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