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Clean up the print views - save the planet!

ultrapasty says:
I've just made a little greasemonkey script that will clean up your task lists in print view to save wasted paper - useful if all the blank space on the normal print view bothers you like it does me.

It removes the logo (sorry, but saves ink!), adjusts the spacing between things a bit and puts tasks into columns which re-arrange themselves depending on screen/paper width.

Hope someone finds it useful.

Posted at 6:36pm on October 27, 2007
crystal.mckenzie says:
Wow, I really gotta get into greasemonkey.
Posted 10 years ago
graham.reeds says:
Need a little more whitespace between the columns - I find it blends in a little too much. Maybe just two columns instead of three?
Posted 10 years ago
tinarenee says:
hey! thanks for this!
Posted 10 years ago
ultrapasty says:
hey graham I've changed the script to have some more whitespace between the columns. The number of columns depends on the width of your screen and paper that you print on, so if you print on A4 you should get 2 columns. The idea is that you can then print on index cards if you want and the page re-adjusts to one column, etc etc.

thanks tinarenee, hope you find it useful :)
Posted 10 years ago
srd.rtm says:
Any way of doing this within internet explorer?
Posted 9 years ago
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