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Printing All Actions / Tasks

avimar says:
Hi, I am trying to implement GTD in RTM.

I am constantly entering and crossing off items in my contexts. I would like to have them online, but printable. I have like 7 lists - and well, I want to print them, sorted by context. Having to print 7 separate pages is hardly attractive. Any ideas?
Posted at 10:42pm on October 24, 2007
julian.gruber says:
Printing all of them would be easy, just make an empty search and then print the result. Sorting wouldn't be easy without heavy modifications to your system, you had to prefix all tasks with it's context-name and then press "sort by name".
Posted 12 years ago
iconan28 says:
omg thx so much for posting this!!!!!!!!! i was desperate for a print all!!!
Posted 12 years ago
afavere says:
Is there any way to do this without having to do the prefixing? I have the exact same question as avimar, but I hardly want to do all that extra typing (I have a lot of items).

I guess a quick fix on the RTM team's part would be to allow a "sort by tag" functionality. Any possibility of that occuring? (Though clearly multiple tags would be an issue.)

Or even a "send to Word" funcationality, so I could add my tasks to a Word doc and put in my own organization (select all in a smartlist, send to Word under a heading for that list, do the same with the next list). Right now it's tricky to cut and paste.
Posted 12 years ago
mcewan.m says:
me too...
Posted 12 years ago
vanweerd007 says:
Print all would be be great.

A short step in that direction would be smart/pretty urls that would allow bookmarking of lists. Then you could use bookmark groups to quickly bring up the 8 or so lists as tabs and print.

An additional thing I would like is the ability to remove the cow. I bring printed lists to meetings and don't like having the cow visible.
Posted 12 years ago
bigshoe1969 says:
Yes. Woutl it be so hard to have it so you can Print all lists (note in order by list name). then no sorting...aggravating as heck and almost a deal killer that i can't either print all in one click or export to excel or something to do that
Posted 12 years ago
rmatheus says:
I've been testing other online tools that let you print all lists, sorted by list name, but the ones that allow this don't have half of the features RTM has...

Life would be a lot easier if we were able to print all tasks sorted by list name...
Posted 12 years ago
billtrammel says:
YEESSSS!!!! This would be incredible. I'm contemplating implementing RTM in our work environment and it would be very useful to be able to get a big picture view of all our project lists.
Posted 12 years ago
maigrey says:
yes - this is one thing that's missing that I really need. a "list" column, and the ability to sort by list and print. PLEASE!!
Posted 11 years ago
ariman says:
I would like all the information I add in a task to be printable...
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
Hello all

someone cant tell me how can I print tasks with attached notes?

Posted 11 years ago
stefeq says:
The TAGS are not printed ?!
Posted 11 years ago
jenni.smallshaw says:
Sure all that needs to be done is to add another field when you show all tasks to the "sort by" button which is "lists in priority order" and then we can print - preferably in a print friendly format. Is this really so difficult - it is a major flaw and seems to have been for some time.

Does anyone know an alternative to RTM if they can't fix this please? I am a Mac user, so it needs to work with ical etc. Thank you!
Posted 11 years ago
mrmajestic says:
I'm also REALLY looking forward to this feature! As I remember, toodledo had great printing options, including the option to print everything in a pocketmod format. Why not just implement the same thing? Or, pocketmod format wouldn't be necessary - all I want is the option to have everything printed, sorted by list.
Posted 11 years ago
cliffspicer says:
+1 for printing
Posted 11 years ago
bodie says:
bump that

I need the hard copy. What mrmajestic said about the Toodledo features -- are any possibly in the pipe for RtM?
Posted 11 years ago
krissy says:
Hi everyone,

I know that this has been added to the feature request list for the developers to have a look at. If/when I have any info about it appearing in an upcoming release I will let you know.

Thanks for your input!
Posted 11 years ago
bodie says:
thaks krissy for your quick response :)

I did look at Toodledo. No way--RtM is much better for me in almost every way, including the clean look. The reminder feature would be very excellent, though.
Posted 11 years ago
teschnercl says:
i would like to weigh in on this conversation, too. For me, a sort by list would be very very helpful
Posted 11 years ago
gmilroy says:
Has there been any movement on this request ?
Posted 10 years ago
sbarash says:
I need to be able to print my task's notes. Please!
Posted 10 years ago
purecaffeine says:
You can print one note at a time:

But can't seem to print a full list of tasks with all notes. Which is a bit annoying as I need to xfer my task list to a coworker as an XML feed because no other convenient format.
Posted 10 years ago
dwr816 says:
Yes, to be able to print notes along with a list and also tags would be very helpful.
Posted 10 years ago
jamesstudio says:
I would like to add my vote to the "need a print all sorted by lists" function in RTM. I use the lists to keep the tasks organized by goals or projects, and while the standard print functions are fine for basic reviews, I really need to print a simple report that has a list name then all the tasks associated with that list, then the next list and it's tasks, etc.
Posted 10 years ago
plauganda says:
What I'd really like to see is the printing function to keep the tags in front of each task. If for example I want to print a list of all tasks with the tags "work" or "school", when I print, the tags don't come up in front of each task, and then I don't know which was tagged work and which was tagged school. Any ideas other than simply printing two lists, one for the tag work and one for the tag school? (This is a very simple example, but sometimes I want to print all tasks that have 1 of 7 or 8 tags. then the single list gets very confusing without the tags in front and if i had to print each list separately, i'd have to print 7 or 8 different lists.) Thanks!
Posted 10 years ago
(closed account) says:
The ATOM feed looks pretty complete for printing in Firefox. Also includes the notes and tags.
Posted 10 years ago says:
One vote for a "Print All Lists" button, or a Print [checkbox][checkbox][checkbox] option.

One vote for a [also print tags] option.

One vote for a [sort by tags] option.

One vote for a [prioritize by tags] option.

One vote for an [export tasks to spreadsheet] option.
Posted 9 years ago
ignatz says:
+1 to these print all requests, especially adding tags to the print screen and allowing more complex sorting
Posted 9 years ago
rob.srnec says:
I really need to be able to print lists that include tags. How can this be accomplished?
Posted 8 years ago
jgreene1333 says:
was there ever a solution to this?
Posted 6 years ago
kathleen.attfield says:
Me too. I just clipped the images from the lists I wanted and pasted into words with big list names. Hardly efficient, but I need to have a paper version visible to keep me on task.
Posted 6 years ago
cuatealex says:
In outlook i can assign an specific time when i want the task to be launched as reminder. Can i do that ...?, for example, i want to eat a fruit at 4:00pm everyday but i don't want it to be shown in my inbox all day until 4:00pm
Posted 4 years ago
kadirovic says:
Has there been any action on the following idea yet ?

"Print All Lists" button, or a Print [checkbox][checkbox][checkbox] option.

[also print tags] option.

[sort by tags] option.

[prioritize by tags] option.

[export tasks to spreadsheet] option.
Posted 2 years ago
tinab123 says:
i just figured out how to print everything sorted and grouped!!
Click on all tasks, in the settings, select sort by advanced, new.
From there you can sort by a combination of factors (added date, due date, task name, updated date etc) and group by one criteria-- list, tags, location etc.
Once you're sorted, you print it all. Unfortunately, the export to excel is not there that I've found. You can export to PDF though
Hope this helps someone
Posted 2 years ago
dillo99 says:
Very frustrating that this has never been addressed. I should be able to pick a list and print it. Print should include option for all tasks, sub tasks and notes.
Posted 2 years ago
bmarco21 says:
Could not agree more. Really frustrating ...
I can't get the solution of tinab123 working either.
Posted 2 years ago
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