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Working out the URL feature

(closed account) says:
Once thing that I discovered about the URL feature is that you can link task to an online document. . I tested it in Google Docs, but it should work the same for Zoho, Think free , X Drive, and other online document solutions.
How does it work ?

1. Create a task ( or edit an existing task)
2.Create an online document ( or open an existing doc).
3. Copy that Docs URL into the URL field in your task

Viola! that document is linked to to that task.
the uses are near infinite.
* want richer, detailed notes? Link to a word processing document.
*want to track expenses for a particular task? link to an online spreadsheet and update as you go along
* want to collaborate on a presentation? well, you get the idea...
A project management idea might be linking many tasks to a single document, spreadsheet or sideshow setting out a detailed road map of the project-complete with hierarchy-those famous "subtasks/sublists/etc."
I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface here..
Please post any more ideas as to how we can use this feature!
Posted at 6:07pm on October 7, 2007
bzpilman says:
Keeping with this thread's general subject, you can also use with RTM to a great extent!

Practical example:
• You have a project in RTM, represented by the tag .setupwordpress
• You 'll be using a tag in with the same name (.setupwordpress).
• Tag all sorts of resources, tutorials, tips and overall research materials regarding setting up the wordpress software.
• Finally, define your Project Header task's URL as

Nothing but linking to a list or URLs here, but keeping it inside' dynamic bookmarking system is much easier.
Especially nice for any task/projects that involves learning/researching.

Posted 10 years ago
jjeudymd says:
These are great ideas! I don't know why I haven't implemented them sooner.

Thanks for the tips!
Posted 10 years ago
morodan says:
Ok, maybe not so important, but I was wondering if it would be possible to set multiple addresses in the URL field...
Yes it is: put a space after each address and every address is listed and can be clicked separately.
But attention: every address must be entered with the full address, that is inclusive "http://", or it won't be recognized (that's a difference with the single url setting, which is recognized even if you forget the "http://").
Posted 9 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
You can also use for a one-click solution.
Posted 9 years ago
hoa.fase1 says:
Great ideas, I am not experienced in doing this but sounds great.
Will try and ask for help.
Posted 9 years ago
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