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Pimping Out the PRINT Link

jjeudymd says:
Here's a quick tip that works well for me:

For predefined lists, searches, and Smart lists, there is a PRINT link which will display all the tasks in that list in a printer-friendly format in a new window. I have a smartlist which holds all of my 'Next actions'. I click the print link and have a nicely formatted list which I can obviously print out.

However INSTEAD, I leave the window open in my browser. If I change anything on my list, I go back to that open page and hit refresh. Voila! the list updates in its nice formatted style. So now every morning I come to my office PC, hit refresh and a new updated task list quickly pops right up.

Extending this further, you can simply bookmark this link and whenever you call it up (even with a Launchy shortcut) you get your nicely formatted and up to date list.

Oh it keeps going!! - If you bookmark this on your cell phone browser, you now have a nice zippy text version of your list that won't keep you waiting forever to download. You will get asked for your login credentials if your cookies aren't saved.

What there's more!! - Works on the iPhone as well, however mobile Safari scales the webpage so that text is way too small to read needing to scale the page manually.

The Apple developer site offers that a single line of HTML can change this:

meta name="viewport" content="width = 320" /

With this, the viewport of the webpage is optimized for the iPhone, and if you're not using an iPhone, the page renders normally. I've tried on this on a couple of my own webpages which now render very nicely on my iPhone

Of course, this may be obsolete when the iPhone optimized version of RTM comes out, right? ;)
But until then, maybe this would be nice to add to the stylesheet for printed pages?

Think this gets me an honorary PRO account? :)

Posted at 8:47pm on October 3, 2007
bzpilman says:
I found this really amusing.
Simple, yet powerful. And perfect for Next Actions.

Thanks for the tip jjeudymd!

Posted 10 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
And this link can be saved as a bookmark that opens in Firefox Sidebar so you can see any list (including smart lists) at an instant.

Downside: You can't do anything to the tasks in this list.
Posted 10 years ago
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