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RTM Web Form

johnfoland says:
Sometimes when people ask you to do things for them, in any context or situation, wouldn't it be great to have them just plop it directly into your RTM Inbox, waiting to be evaluated whenever you have a moment to organize it or during your weekly review? Here's how you do it:

1- Create a web form that parses the user input into an RTM readable syntax and mail it to your RTM Inbox.

2- Insist that people need to make their requests of you through said web form.

The benefits of this are at least two-fold. The first is the aforementioned organizational victory of being liberated from the responsibility of "remembering the milk". Or remembering to burn a copy of that album a buddy asked for. Or a rendez-vous.

The second is that often times people don't want what they are asking of you bad enough to take one minute to fill-out your super simple web form. This helps you distinguish between frivolous requests and items that have at least some level of importance / significance to the requester.

This would be cool to have built in to RTM, but in the meantime I have built my own, and it works like a champ. I intend to add more functionality and create a login form, but Bob could do so much better!

Posted at 11:09pm on September 9, 2007
bzpilman says:
Wow, that's actually super cool!

I think I'll be having me-self one as soon as I'm as much requested as you ;)
Posted 10 years ago
angela.randall says:
Do you get spammed?
Posted 10 years ago
johnfoland says:
bzpilman - This is just an elaborate effort to make it seem as if I was highly requested. ;-)

angela.randall - Nope. Apparently even spammers don't request me!
Posted 10 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
jkalvin: So where can I find this web form, I have a few things for you to fix ;-)
Or rather for me to check out... Just curious
Posted 10 years ago
jz3333 says:
That's awesome!

Posted 10 years ago
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