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Convert Quick Add to Dashboard Widget

cheeseslope says:
Anyone out there willing to convert the existing "Quick Add" bookmarklet into a Mac Dashboard widget? I can build all necessary graphic files.

Ideally, I'd like to see some additional fields added, but I'll settle for any widget at this point.

More info on Quick Add:
Posted at 7:21am on August 18, 2007
cheeseslope says:
OK, so no takers.

A note for the developers then: I still feel like there should be a "quick and dirty" method for adding tasks - a tool that doesn't require a browser. I'm trying IMified(.com)'s RTM integration, which is the fastest method so far.

Even so, a Quick Add widget is still ideal in my mind.
Posted 10 years ago
alejandrops says:
joe, I like your idea.
I think a quick enter methos is fundamental. And that includes entering tags and dates in the same sentence.

Posted 10 years ago
cheeseslope says:
Absolutely. My dream widget allows for all of the fields available through the full interface (or the iGoogle gadget, actually).
Posted 10 years ago
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