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Method for Uploading Multiple Tasks with Dates, etc.

hcthomas says:
I'm new to RTM and wanted a way to upload multiple tasks, with due dates to my GCal task list.

I've figured out a crude way to make this happen, and though I would share.

First, create an Excel spreadsheet with your tasks and their due dates. For example, I can enter a "start" date for the project and then have tasks occur either on the "start" date or a certain number days after this date.

Then, I convert the Excel Date to text using the "DAY, MONTH, and YEAR" commands.

I create a new sheet in the spreadsheet, and create one command per column. I use the the commands described in:
corresponding to my task title, the due dates, etc by using the CONCATENATE command. I have one column for the task title, one for the due date, one for the tasks list, etc. The final column is my unique email conversion address (you'll find it in your "Settings").

Column 1--------------- Column 2--- Column 3
t: remember the milk! d: tomorrow myRTMemail

The next step is to create a mail merge in MS Word. I create a form letter and use my Excel spreadsheet as the data source. I then insert each command line I've created as a single line in the document so that the format matches what is described in

I choose to Merge the document to Electronic mail. Under "Setup" in the merge window, I point the computer to the email column in the Excel spread sheet. Then, choose to Merge.

The tasks process and merge to Outlook, where each one is now a properly formatted email to your RTM email. I send those emails and about 30 seconds later all my tasks are in RTM!

It's not elegant, but it works!
Posted at 2:05pm on July 15, 2007
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