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Twitter + Quicksilver

richstyles says:
Thaks so much for the Twitter integration. Now I can finally add tasks direct from Quicksilver.

* Download the script from:
* Put the script in ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions/

* Restart Quicksilver

(create the folder if there isn’t one)

* Add RTM as your Twitter friend

Details and links:

I don't see anything ever replacing Rmilk for me ever!
Posted at 6:54am on July 11, 2007
mordecai says:
hey there! I must be doing something wrong coz nothing happens! I bring up Quicksilver, type “d rtm”, write my task, tab, find Tweet and hit Enter.

and nothing happens!
Posted 10 years ago
wezzy says:
open the console and look for any error message. I've found that quicksilver can't sent any message to twitter because i don't have twitter login information into the keychain
Posted 10 years ago
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