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Create recurring emails directly from a task with mailto: URLs

fabianhemmert says:
I often have recurring emails to send - remind my students to do X every semester, ask my landlord for report Y, and the likes.

I use RTMs URL field in recurring tasks for that.

Clicking "mailto:" links in the URL field, my computer will open a ready-to-send (or tweak) email with a preset recipient, subject and content. Just what I need!

You will find plenty of tools on the web to turn recipient, subject and body into a mailto:-link.

Hope this helps!
Posted at 6:28am on February 19, 2020
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Great idea! (Tuesday winner soon I suspect ;-)
Posted 4 weeks ago
fabianhemmert says:
Great that you like it!

Here's a *very* good "Mailto Link Generator" that I found:
Posted 4 weeks ago
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