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Not "losing" emailed tasks

nrroach says:
I often will "bcc" Remember the Milk when replying to an email, thus creating a task. But because I'm replying to the person who sent the email, I don't want to change the subject line of the email to create a due date and/or a tag. So when I work from my "Today" list, which is what I usually do, those emailed tasks don't show up, since they don't have due dates. I created a Smart List to fix this, with the query: "(due:today OR due:never OR dueBefore:today) AND list:main" I call this list "Today+" and made it a favorite that RTM defaults to. Now I can create tasks at the same time I respond to a client's email, and I'm not in danger of forgetting to review those tasks when I'm at work because they're not in my default list.
Posted at 8:25pm on May 3, 2019
maciek.ziernicki says:
Two other solutions to this issue:

1. Don't BCC the email to RTM. Just send the email reply as usual, then forward it, and change the subject there.

2. Set RTM to add a due date by default to all new tasks. Set it to "today". Then, if you're ever adding a task through some other method and do not want it to get a default due date, add ^never to it when adding.
Posted 8 months ago
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