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Remember The Milk with Trello, for sprints and Kanban

olsansky says:
Hey people, I've made a video explaining what I've worked on this weekend.

Basically it automatically syncs tasks between RTM and Trello. This enables my and my girlfriend to have sprints with the visual element.

I'm thinking of making this public so other people can use it, if there is enough interest.

The setup is completely free. You only have to use IFTTT and my service. You won't have to use Zapier which costs around $20/m to have this working. I mean, maybe you could combine those 5 free zaps to make this work, but who wants to do that.

I really wish RTM would have "boards" or "sprints" functionality by default.

Currently it's only possible by using many tags, and doesn't allow for visual aid of the board/columns.

Note to RTM developers,
Hey people, this is my portfolio

Maybe I can help you out. Reach out to me, please.

Posted at 11:06am on March 18, 2019
olsansky says:
I'd love to have this straight in RTM
Posted 1 year ago
mmoore100 says:
Yeah, I'd love to have boards like Trello. There are some projects I do that I enter RTM tasks for, then enter the tasks in Trello. Others don't really need a visual aid like that.
Posted 1 year ago
antoinebugleboy says:
With big touchscreens on laptops and tablets becoming more commonplace, a board should definitely be in RTM's roadmap.
Posted 1 year ago
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