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Simplest Journal

quietmind says:
Last year, I started a list I call 'Journal' and added 365 tasks. Each task is labeled with the day of the year, and scheduled for that particular day of the year.

I live in the US, so examples of my task dates look like:
01/01 (for Jan 1st)
01/02 (for Jan 2nd)
12/31 (this would be Dec 31st)

The 1st part is the number of the month. The 2nd part is the day of that month. Entering the task in the 01/01 form keeps that as the task name AND automatically schedules it for that date as well. I happily found that out by accident. I put all 365 on repeat for yearly.

So, each day this past year I would enter a quick note about what happened that day. It's the 1st time I've ever journaled every single day. I may miss a day or 2, but it's easy to catch up. NOW, I get to go through every day this year adding a note for 2019 while at the same time getting to see what I was doing that same day last year. This could go on for many years. Adding a new note under the date.

It's also a neat way to motivate me to do better than last year. Like, apparently I did a workout last New Year's Day. Now I'll feel lazy if I don't workout this NY day. And, throughout last year I added how many alcoholic beverages I had on the days I did drink. I am determined to drink less than each one of those entries this year. I didn't go into great detail in my notes. Just snippets like: did a workout, took a walk, 3 drinks, 6 degrees outside!, vacation day from work, lazy, got a raise, headache again, etc.

It's the easiest journal I've ever kept because I look at RTM every day.
Posted at 1:41pm on January 1, 2019
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi quietmind,

This is really creative! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account. :)
Posted 1 year ago
sepidre says:
Thank you very much for that idea! I have added your idea with some the sub tasks morning and evening with some repeating questions and once a week with a cw summary 🤩
Posted 1 year ago
quietmind says:
emily - Thank you SO much! I'm sure the Pro version will totally spoil me. I doubt that I'll ever go back to the basic!

sepidre - That's a wonderful idea to add questions! I like the idea of a weekly summary, too!
Posted 1 year ago
countdiso says:
Love this idea, and fancy doing it myself, but not eager on adding all those tasks.

Did you use a trick to bulk add them?
Posted 1 year ago
quietmind says:
Nope. I'm not that savvy, lol. I entered a month or so at a time because I wasn't sure I'd stick with it. What's cool though is when you enter the date in the form of "month/date", it automatically makes it due for that day. Like, for April 30th I'll input "04/30 *every year" so when I hit enter it automatically makes it due on that day every year. The task name will read "04/30" if you're okay with that. I keep them all in a list called 'Journal'. You could just input enough for a week or month to see if you like the idea.
Posted 1 year ago
countdiso says:
Thanks for the response quietmind.

I already do something similar using google calendar but do think that using RTM would be better. I tried to bulk add them, but found I wasn't savvy enough either.

I'll take your advice an add a couple of weeks and find out if I like it before adding a full year. Thanks for the tip!
Posted 1 year ago
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