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„star“ tasks as next steps

dominic.spachmann says:
many other todo list apps have the feature to star a task. the stared tasked are shown in a separate list highlighted above all other lists.
I found this idea useful to get a short list of tasks to be picked up and get started.

So I took this idea and brought it to my RTM configuration and I really like it, combining the brought options of RTM with this idea.

this is how I set this up:
1) I created a tag (on ios) with the name „__⭐️__“ (shown as a star on ios and as a „__*__“ on the web client)
2) this tag is now at the beginning of the tags list, which makes it easier to assign the tag to a task (still not just tappin on a star but still)
3) I created a smart list „__⭐️__“ in my favorites with „tag:__⭐️__ AND (dueBefore:tomorrow OR startAfter:yesterday)“ (I love to work with start and due dates, this leverages transparency for me)
4) also I took the starred tasks out of other favorite lists like my today and focus list

I now use those lists to get an overview of what is due and star the tasks I will pick up next.

Really works well for me!
Posted at 10:12am on October 1, 2018
xtoq says:
Great tip! I use RTM by myself so I just assign tasks to myself in lieu of starring them, but this is a fantastic idea for people who actually use the assign feature and "givenTo" search functions!
Posted 2 years ago
dominic.spachmann says:
hey, nice addition, thanks :-)
You can also use "assign to me" instead of the "star" tag and create the smart list with "givento:me and dueBefore:tomorrow OR startAfter:yesterday"
Posted 2 years ago
fant says:
the option to star a task is a great feature, which was perfectly implemented by wunderlist. One tap or click, finished.

Your workaround is great.

I star tasks by giving them priority 1. Easy on the web (only press '1'). Not so easy on android. Multiple taps.

Would be great, if RTM will would put this on their development Roadmap :-)
Posted 2 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Dominic,

This is very creative. :) You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account. Thanks for sharing!
Posted 2 years ago
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